Olga Pancenko_aestheticallypleasing_thomas wylde_green backless dress Olga Pancenko_aestheticallypleasing_thomas wylde_green backless dress Olga Pancenko_aestheticallypleasing_thomas wylde_green backless dress


Like many of you, I have a very busy life. Rare are the moments where I can sit down and relax, read a book, fake online-shop by adding items to cart and never pressing ‘checkout’, do silly stuff just to kill time.

Busy life has also affected my shopping habits- I went from impulsive frequent shopping for things I don’t need to carefully selecting what I buy, simply because I am tired of the waste and tired of things I wear once and don’t want to look at ever again. Basically the motto is to ‘edit better’. My dream is to have a medium-sized closet of gorgeous things for any occasion that are simple, yet beautiful, yet practical, yet, yet…. Basically I want quality items that don’t go out of style. I want things I take out of the closet 3 years later and don’t go “Oh my, cannot believe I wore that at some point!”

I have noticed that over the years I started spending more on food and experiences without thinking twice, but it became harder for me to spend on throwaway fashion. I firmly believe that what goes into us is so much more important than the outer shell and that the physical well being the foundation of happy existence. Experiences is another thing that remains there with you no matter what. Clothes will be thrown away or forgotten but memories of something special you did are there forever. I love that my blog motivates me to go explore outside my comfy shell of LA life that can get so cozy and lazy…

Ohhh, going off topic here 🙀 . Back to wardrobe choices. I have learned that all things ‘uber trendy’ do not answer my needs anymore. Im sick of them before they go out of fashion and it is impossible to wear them season after season.

Recently I had a coffee with Jene Park, the creative director of Los Angles – based brand Thomas Wylde. We talked a lot about hard work, about what it takes to succeed, about how important it is to understand your customer and stay true to your DNA.

At the end of the day luxury clothing is not an existential need. People need basic clothing to cover themselves and protect themselves from cold/heat. Everything else is a perceived need. Luxury pieces are not there to answer primary human needs, they exist to satisfy physically and aesthetically, to comfort, to provide a sense of ‘good investment’, a sense of belonging.

I loved that Jene and I shared the same opinion of quality over fast fashion: Jene is driven by making rare, gorgeous and timeless pieces that you never want to throw away, but want to pass them down from generation to generation. She saved a lot of her favorite pieces for her daughters knowing that the quality will withstand the ages. So for her, as for me, the true formula behind design is a season-less, timeless and well-made product.

For this shoot I am wearing a beautiful summer dress in timeless print of an outstanding quality. The details are so refined that naked back can for once coexist with quite a daring décolleté. Pretty rare. For sure I am keeping this piece on a list of all-time favorites.

Jene park_aestheticallypleasing_thomas wylde_olga pancenko

Floral print dress – Thomas Wylde

 Textured Summer Straw Hat – J. Crew Here

White Leather Babouches – Celine , Zara

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  1. Candace says:

    Beautiful dress. Love those tiered layers!


  2. Loving the print and fun layers on this cute little number.
    MariaOnPoint http://mariaonpoint.com/ | Find me on IG https://www.instagram.com/mariajabad/

  3. Gitta says:

    Lookin’ good girl !! Really can relate to what you are saying. Feeling like this myself.

    x Gitta // http://www.gittawitzel.com

  4. Gorgeous dress dear, you look stunning with it! Love the patterns on it! And beautiful pics you have there! Have a nice day hun!


  5. This is sooooo how I have been feeling. So over fast fashion. It’s hard to commit to that because yes, we absolutely all need clothing to protect ourselves and sometimes I just can’t afford quality pieces. But overall it’s something I want to commit to. There is beautiful clothing and amazing makers in the world and I want to support them instead of huge brands that are so wasteful. This is a gorgeous post!


  6. Amazing photos, you are looking so cool in this dress!

  7. Solasulu says:

    I agree with you on ‘uber trendy’ things. Trends get so over saturated now on every blogger on social media that they are boring before they are even over.

    Quality over fast fashion is defiantly the way forward. Even if there isn’t a budget for luxury pieces, simply buying the best quality one can afford and looking after those pieces, rather than getting multiple cheap throw away pieces is so important for the future of fashion. Wastefulness is not chic.

    I love the dress! I’m so into this shade of dark green at the moment. Also the styling, location and quality of these photos is just beautiful 🙂 Great post!

  8. Jennifer says:

    You look amazing! Love this dress!

    xo, Jennifer

  9. Jenelle says:

    What a stunning print. Yes, investing in good quality pieces is super important. I want to be able to wear things for years to come and still rely on that investment. Food and experiences which you can share with others are way more fun!

    xx Jenelle


  10. Sister Tales says:

    Wow lovely lady you are beautiful! And I agree with you, I have noticed some things in the past I bought looked awful after 2 washes! So here is what I decided to do, if I am buying and outfit for “one night” I am not going to spend a lot or look for quality and save myself money, however if it’s something I am going to wear often, of course I am going to invest in the quality! That’s how I go about with quality 🙂
    xoxo, Simona and Indre


  11. Courtney says:

    I absolutely love your dress! The pattern is so gorgeous!


  12. Neha says:

    U look beautiful hun…xoxo, Neha


  13. That hat is fabulous and I love the pattern of that dress.

    XO, Jessi

  14. Beautiful look! I love it! melodylaniella.blogspot.com

  15. I am in love with this dress, style and print. It is trendy, but not overly so, and a classic piece that you can wear forever. The print is perfect for spring and summer and I am obsessed with those Celine mules. Such a gorgeous look and amazing photos! Love it! xoxo, Christine

  16. On. Point. Everything about this is fabulous from the killer dress to those shoes! Perfect styling!

    Love, Lindsey

  17. Ruth says:

    Yes I love this whole post! Your dress is beautiful and would stand the test of time!


  18. Carmen says:

    I just love this post! The dress is so pretty and I love how you styled it with this hat. I totally agree with you, quality the most important thing when it comes to fashion. Especially nowadays, when everything is is treated really lavishly.
    Have a great day!
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

  19. With that summer dress you wearing, you look great as always. I love your dress alot!

    Check out my blog post about Summer Never Ends

    xoxo, Katrina

  20. Rina says:

    I’m on the same page as you babe. Long gone are the days where I even have time to spend endlessly in shopping malls and going home with a bunch of stuff that I’ll just end up purging a few months later. I’ve really been trying to edit my wardrobe and select pieces carefully lately. Invest in quality over quantity. Love this dress its a gorgeous wardrobe staple!

    xoxo Rina

  21. yuka says:

    I totally agree with you! I hardly splurge on expensive items anymore. too much rent to pay lol. but shoes… shoes till get me every time!

    btw, you look gorgeous!

  22. Gorgeous, the print of that dress is perfect! x


  23. Maggie says:

    Wow this dress is gorgeous!! I love this!


  24. Diana says:

    So true! I tend to splurge on travel vs buying new things! You look amazing in that dress!

  25. Vanessa says:

    Wow! Stunning! Your dress is to die for!
    I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  26. Yasmin says:

    Girl you look gorgeous! Love the print and cut of this dress. Can’t wait to see more 🙂

    xx Yasmin

  27. Tessy says:

    Your dress is awesome. I love your outfit.


  28. Margot says:

    your dress is so pretty !
    I love the color and the print !
    such a perfect summer dress.

  29. Rubi says:

    Love the ruffles on this dress!

    Pose and Repeat

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