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This post is a tribute to a very simple philosophy that I follow religiously when I dress: wear whatever you want, but add one expensive item (usually shoes or handbag) and you will look stunning!
It is true that not everyone can afford an investment piece – that is why there are so many fantastic innovative companies offering this opportunity to every single one of us. Websites like Tradesy, TheRealReal and many others sell used designer items in great condition and guaranteed authentic. Moreover, they often propose a monthly payment plan – you won’t even feel
that you have actually bought something (#dangerous)
Today I am wearing a GAP neoprene dress that I bought on sale for 8 dollars and a pair of 700-dollar Lagoon – colored BB Manolos, who could tell?
Paired with a one-of-a-kind feather necklace created by my talented friend and a pair of Petit Cat Eye Louis Vuitton sunglasses I am good to go to a fancy lunch date with a girlfriend.
My tip: put an accent on the expensive item, and make sure the inexpensive one is as simple as it can be – often the “cheap” look is the result of low-quality hardware, embroidery, sequins, lace, etc. Try to go with a simple piece in a material that looks the same whatever the price-tag says – like neoprene, for example.

Manolo Blahnik BB pump

Petit Cat Eye Louis Vuitton sunglasses

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