This weekend we drove to San Diego to explore the city and its surroundings and remained very impressed with the architecture. I actually had a serious architectural crush – the Salk Institute of La Jolla designed by Louis Kahn. I instantly felt that this architectural masterpiece is the right location to shoot my H&M Conscious Exclusive Silk Jacquard Coat look because for me both the Salk Institute and the H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection have a similar narrative behind their design.Kahn was commissioned to design the Salk Institute in 1959 by Dr.

This time we were shooting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – I flew out there for work and couldn’t resist immortalizing local vibes. I was so busy and so jet-lagged that thought: mission impossible. Had a meeting set very early morning with a local star photographer. Already imagined “lost in translation”, confusion, differences in taste and vision… Shock when I enter the hotel lobby and meet someone who speaks perfect Russian and grew up in Lithuania – steps away from me 🙂 For you guys who doesn’t know – I grew up in Riga,


March 25, 2016

I first came to Paris when I was 18, lived and studied here for over 6 years. Now my job brings me back regularly and I love returning to this magic city…For me Paris is the place where women look their best after 60, couples of all ages kiss in the streets and in cafes, in winter one wears a huge scarf over their spring/autumn outfit and is considered ready for the cold days. In Paris lunchtime is sacred, 1st day of Soldes (Seasonal Sales) is as important as Christmas or one’s birthday,


February 21, 2016

When you go to Italy for the first time you visit Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence… After a couple times in Italy you realize absolutely everywhere is beautiful, friendly, tasty and so different! Today I want to share Italy’s best kept secret destination that you will probably never visit as a tourist. If you are looking to disconnect from the world and spend a few days in total relax – this is the place for you. I became addicted to coming here over the years – as my jobs were getting more stressful and I ended up having no time for myself,


February 15, 2016

Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles has a countless amount of coolest colored walls – impossible to ignore! Hence the little express photo shoot on my way to work while sipping my coffee 🙂Today I wore an outfit that any girl should have in her closet – the simplest combination in the world that makes EVERYONE look good! Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans (BJ) + silk shirt + zipped ankle booties. A few tricks I would like to share: slightly baggy BJ (similar here) can make your bottom look heavy if you are a normal-sized lady.


January 15, 2016

This post is a tribute to a very simple philosophy that I follow religiously when I dress: wear whatever you want, but add one expensive item (usually shoes or handbag) and you will look stunning! It is true that not everyone can afford an investment piece – that is why there are so many fantastic innovative companies offering this opportunity to every single one of us. Websites like Tradesy, TheRealReal and many others sell used designer items in great condition and guaranteed authentic. Moreover, they often propose a monthly payment plan – you won’t even feel that you have actually bought something (#dangerous)Today I am wearing a GAP neoprene dress that I bought on sale for 8 dollars and a pair of 700-dollar Lagoon – colored BB Manolos,


January 1, 2016

I have been spending a lot of time in LA lately and really fell in love with Silverlake – now, my official fav neighborhood. I have decided to start my aestheticallypleasing journey here as I simply love the hip vibe and the colors in this part of Los Angeles. Today my outfit is an answer to an existential question – how to wear a cropped sweater unless you have THE perfect body and/or you do push-ups daily. Despite being problematic, crop tops and sweaters have one big advantage – by being so short they visually lengthen the bottom part of your body and if you choose the right bottoms to go with,

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