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July 19, 2016

Those of you who travel a lot or who lived in different countries will agree that one’s style naturally adjusts to the current habitat. When I lived in Paris my color palette was to the point: black, grey, navy, beige. When I moved to London my style has changed completely and that is when I promised myself to never shop in one country for another country :))) Since I moved to LA my style has evolved again. Here in  Sunny California I feel like giving in a little and embracing the boho-vintage vibe that is so predominant in LA.


July 9, 2016

This week I wanted to share beautiful pictures of the Seven Magic Mountains in Nevada desert as well as my favorite ‘desert attire’ – black straw hat + Dra Clothing dress and top. We spent a day in Vegas visiting the International Jewelry Show and I once more understood the weather benefits of California 🙂 . The summer heat in Nevada combined with extreme air conditioning in any covered space were not easy to digest ! We all know straw hats are huge right now, and all of you probably own one or more.


June 30, 2016

As you may have guessed I am currently in Paris where Couture week gathers everyone who works in fashion. On this occasion, I wanted to share one absolute favorite outfit from my suitcase – a pair of culottes and a windbreaker by Azul by moussy. For those of you who don’t know, I had a strong ‘Japan’ moment during my student years – I spoke fluent Japanese and was obsessed with Tokyo. It was in Japan where I first fell in love with Japanese design which is a beautiful universe. My definition of Japanese design is approximately as follows: ‘nothing unnecessary + perfect simplicity’.

For this post about feminine and edgy style I collaborated with Cynthia Rowley to celebrate her sophisticated, feminine and slightly whimsical dresses. Did you know that before becoming a famous designer Cynthia Rowley wanted to be a painter? For some reason I always remember this when I look at prints and colors of the dresses…I must admit – I am not a very “girly girl” in many ways, and I don’t think my style can be described as very feminine. I do buy and wear feminine pieces now and then,


May 23, 2016

‘What to wear in San Diego’ might seem as a surprising title for the post, but I wanted to share a style tip with those of you who are planning on a weekend in San Diego or elsewhere similar. Everyone will agree that it is very hard to figure out what to wear when you are planning to be out all day without returning to the hotel, doing a variety of pleasurable things such as brunchin’, beach walking and restaurant hopping:) All this in one outfit? I feel like I have finally figured it out last weekend so I am very impatient to share the little secret.

This weekend we drove to San Diego to explore the city and its surroundings and remained very impressed with the architecture. I actually had a serious architectural crush – the Salk Institute of La Jolla designed by Louis Kahn. I instantly felt that this architectural masterpiece is the right location to shoot my H&M Conscious Exclusive Silk Jacquard Coat look because for me both the Salk Institute and the H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection have a similar narrative behind their design.Kahn was commissioned to design the Salk Institute in 1959 by Dr.

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