June 17, 2017

Some time ago I had an enormous pleasure and honor to collaborate with Roland Mouret and Orchard Mile (my favorite one-stop online shopping destination) on the launch of two gorgeous exclusive tops. I knew Roland Mouret brand before, and of course, I was always a huge fan of his dresses – bold structured lines, very clean and geometric aesthetic. You know a Roland Mouret piece when you see one!When I collaborate with a brand, I always try to go in depth and learn more to understand the designer. This helps me style,

I have been going on with the same 10 – 15 pairs of sunglasses for a couple of years now, mostly because I didn’t really feel like the sunglasses I own are going out of style. I guess one expects that when investing in a pair of expensive designer sunglasses, right? In a past couple of months though, I am going through a major revamp of my sunglasses box because I feel that completely new trends have come in this year and my collection suddenly feels outdated and boring. I NEED all the crazy and fun sunglasses out there right now !!!

Every time I travel to Kuala Lumpur for work I try to take a few hours to go and visit a new place, preferably something really ‘local’ with a history. When traveling to places like this for work its very easy to forget that there is a whole world out there beyond the perimeter of the comfortable European-style 5 star hotel.Gorgeous Little India that you see on pictures has undergone a rapid development through the years, but certainly did not loose its culture and traditions. For me, the charm of Little India lies in its architectural juxtaposition: modern architecture on one side and old shops on the other.


April 11, 2017

Embroidery is certainly a very hot trend, now more than ever, but I tend to see more of it on store hangers than on people. Why is that? Well, because embroidery is not that easy to master and often times it just doesn’t look good once on. There are many common fears surrounding the embroidery: fear of having an overly ‘busy’ outfit, fear of looking too try-hard, fear of appearing too girly/romantic, or completely ‘baba-cool’. So, how to balance and which mistakes to avoid?I would say that one embroidered item is way easier to wear compared to an entire embroidered outfit (e.g top+bottom or a dress).

After the fashion month in Paris it felt sooooo good to be back in LA with its warm days and beautiful sunshine. March spent in LA was all about metallics that have slowly but surely conquered my wardrobe. I am very much into silver but even more into rose gold which is obvious from this insta diary:) It is also pretty obvious that I am hitting the new Ladurée a little too often.Also, I have new favorites in my color palette – for some reason I am only now discovering lilac and apricot…


February 22, 2017

Recently I have realized that I am buying the same pieces of clothing over and over again – do any of you feel the same way? I have at least 10 gray cashmere crew neck sweaters, at least 7 pairs of jeans in exact same cut and wash.  Meanwhile, the world is full of opportunities and I decided to step out of my comfort zone and restart experimenting with fashion again. I guess I got tired of it for a little bit and now im ready to go again.We spent a day in downtown LA and I wore those killer black leather and crystal booties from a new hip brand called Teleport Shoes.


December 26, 2016

Velvet is huuuuge this season:) I am literally fainting over every second pair of velvet booties I see… I wish I could have them all! I bet that’s how you feel, right? I have put together a selection of 10 best velvet accents to invest in this season, from shoes, hats and caps to chokers – for any taste and budget. Enjoy 💕 1.  STEVE MADDEN EDIT BOOTS  2. MSGM CHUNKY HEEL ANKLE BOOTS (On Sale!) 3. STRATEGIA VELVET ANKLE BOOTS 4. GUCCI VELVET CAP WITH TASSEL 5. HARRY SEQUIN VELVET ANKLE BOOTS 6.  


December 19, 2016

Double denim outfits have been on and off magazine pages for a while now, but unlike other trends, you don’t see much of them around in ‘real life’. I’m guessing that a good double denim outfit is not so obvious to put together and most people choose to stay away from trouble 😂 I want to share a couple of do’s and dont’s when you are putting together a double denim look. Firstly, it is very important to forget such accessories as hats, heavy belts, cowboy boots – adding any of those elements means increased risk of looking like a caricature from a western movie.

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